High Availability Services & Failover Solutions

High Availability Services

With any modern business there is a growing importance of zero downtime and the ability to work wherever and whenever. Businesses are heavily reliant on IT infrastructure to achieve their goals and employee productivity is quickly impacted should IT systems be unavailable even if only for a few minutes. It’s also now not only during business hours that system uptime is important but 24 hours a day as businesses are rarely 9-5 operations anymore.

IT Failover Solutions

Traditionally failover between multiple geographically diverse locations has been expensive and only available to large companies. Vinters in partnership with its parent company VooServers have utilised experience in a number of different technologies to develop a unique high availability and failover service which leaves the infrastructure investment to us but delivers you with enterprise grade reliability.

Whether it’s your own servers in one or more of our four datacentres or a solution entirely provided and hosted by Vinters our engineers can work to deliver a highly available solution meeting your specific requirements.

Our high availability and failover services are fully automated and require no IP or DNS changes providing a seamless transition between two or more geographically diverse locations in a matter of seconds.

High Availability Services, IT Failover Solutions